The Fifth of July

The day after a Holiday. Your one wish is to stay in bed for an extra hour because lets face it, you went a little too hard on the White Claws the day before. You just pray that your child sleeps in a little. And he does… It’s 8AM and he is still a sleep. You’re husband however, is wide awake and up for the day. Yes, I’m talking about Brian. He was up before me! I’m as shocked as you are. You go downstairs, make coffee, watch tv and he is still a sleep. 9:30AM rolls around and no peep. You’re sitting there wondering why you didn’t just try to fall back a sleep because this scenario will N.E.V.E.R happen again lol. But then around 9:50ish he finally wakes up. I have to admit I peaked in his room to make sure he was ok. Who else does this? Even though you know deep down they’re completely fine, you still want to double check.

Mason’s morning routine is: wake up, get milky, watch a few shows and eat breakfast. This morning we watched Paw Patrols and somewhere during the episode they said, “surprise”. Well, that is the first time he said surprise and wouldn’t stop saying it all day. When he says new words it makes my heart SO happy :-).

What else do 30 somethings do on their day off? Hit up Lowes of course. We’re contemplating redoing our kitchen and just wanted to price some things out. If you guys have any remodeling tips send them my way! But yea, after that Brian had some catching up to do on work and Mason and I went to the pool. Here are some pics of us at the pool last week but we wore the same swimsuits. I’m obsessed with them and they’re from Target! So you can snag these online or run into your local store. What have you guys been up to this Holiday weekend?

These swim trunks are Cat & Jack and are only $9.99! Link below for direct link.

This swimsuit is Target as well. Top and Bottom sold separately. Each piece was $14.99. Not bad! Direct links below.

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