Easter 2020

We’ve been quarantined for a month now and it’s Easter.

Our family has decided to heed the necessary warnings of the government and social distance but we do see our parents. I’m wondering how many people out there are shaking their heads as they read this 😅. Anyhow, it’s a decision we’ve made and we’ trying to be very cautious.

Mason is 2 now and didn’t really understand why the Easter Bunny came to see him or what Easter is really about. Explaining to a 2 year old that Jesus died on the cross for our sins and we remember him on this day (and everyday), followed with a lot of “whys?” 😂.

He was so excited to open his Easter baskets. Getting one from Mommy and Daddy was awesome but to know the Easter Bunny also came to Grammy and Poppy’s… he was blown away. Next came his Easter egg hunt. He couldn’t understand why the Easter Bunny left all his eggs. We told him he had been really good and the Easter Bunny loves him. He said the cutest thing and I had to make sure I wrote this down. He said “that Easter Bunny was busy!” 😍 too sweet, right?

This age is so curious and innocent. Truly makes my heart melt. I’d love to hear some of your kids Easter Bunny comments! Kids really do say the sweetest and funniest things!

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