Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is right around the corner. Even though we may not be able to see Mom this year, doesn’t mean we can’t show her we care. I wasn’t sure I would actually post a “Gift Guide” this year. I originally just wanted to share some ideas via Stories on IG but I wanted you all to have somewhere to find these ideas. So here are my five short and sweet Mother’s Day gift ideas :-).

  1. The Little Words Project (@littlewordsproject) bracelets are THE cutest but why not try making them yourself? Something you can do with your child too! If you don’t feel like being crafty check out !
  2. Hire a cleaning service to clean Moms home. This is one I hope to get! Lol. Find a local service near you. (Please make sure you do your research!).
  3. Send her flowers. So underrated sometimes! Find a florist that will allow you to select cut flowers and put the arrangement together yourself!
  4. Mom doesn’t like flowers? No problem. Write her a handwritten letter. Get fancy with your calligraphy! My sister wrote close friends and family letters a little over a year ago and I’m forever grateful to have that special gift.
  5. Have a custom family portrait done.

Hope you all enjoy these small ideas!

Little Words Project Bracelets found @mintandmajor
Custom family portrait. How cute!

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